India has been undergoing transformations in real estate at levels where solutions have become the definitions of fashion. These transformations have been happening as an answer to the shrinking land areas and growing population. Also, the economy of India has been increasing hence inspiring quality living.

Bangalore has been as an example of such fast developing cities of India readily adopting transformations and upgrades. The city is also identified as “The Silicon Valley of India” because of the growing IT and startup sector in the city. Also known as the "Garden City of India", the gardens and green areas, like the famous Botanical Garden or Cubbon Park, have been a spot to rejoice life while leading a chaotic life.

Handsome income and want to lead a better life is leading people towards better choices in terms of real estate investments as well. Villament is one of such revolutions!

Concept of Villament

Feeling this much-needed amenity for the denizens of Bangalore, the real estate developers came up with the concept of combining villas and apartments together. Villament, as the combination has been coined, has so forth been growing high on the demands of the investors in real estate.

Villaments have been conceptualized keeping in mind the comfort and accessibility provided by the apartments as well as the superfluity of a villa. Another reason for the rise in preference of villaments over apartments is that they provide the much-needed privacy, like in a villa, and also a lot of free space to care.

At Airavata, we champion at Villament Development with executed and soon to start projects building state of the art Villaments providing all the required necessities and luxury at economic costing. Few of our projects would cross another leap of innovation by placing properties amidst organic farms and orchards as well. Our belief at Airavata is in building the homes of dreams for everyone and our focus on villaments is in line of the same.

To explore villament projects of Airavata, you can contact us today. Customize your home with us and feel the Airavata Experience.