Trends reflect that it is quite tough to adopt any new innovations in the Construction Industry especially in a developing country like India.

Basically, it is one industry where the criticality is very high while costs are always challenging. Hence the trade-offs in between feasibility and costs require a scientific approach while understanding business very well. In between the estimation and execution of the projects, 3 factors are considered most highly:

1.)MATERIAL ( Variation of cost would be 55 to 65%)
2.)MANPOWER ( Variation of cost would be 25 to 35%)
3.)EQUIPMENT ( Variation of cost would be 10 to 15%)
Note: Above is the condition in case of Residential Buildings Mostly

Hence the scope of creativity hovers around these 3 where the first 2 remains in the hands of a developer while types of equipment again come with limited variance.

At Airavata, we constantly research with leading engineering colleges internationally to understand what basic innovations can be fit in and where. At times, it is not at all about major transformations but that minor upgrade which would lead to great ease for the residents of the building in future.

Coming back to the topic, it can be reflected upon that every project needs a Good Decision.

Suppose, if you have a case A:

1.)Sufficient Captial for Project.
2)Sufficient Space for types of equipment etc.
3.)But there are Time constraints.
Now the Question is what method of formwork Do You Use? To complete your project. It is more of a human problem. At Airavata, we love to innovate on the frameworks we can adopt. Our engineering team constantly innovate and come with the best solutions as per the situation

At times, we deploy something called Mivan Formwork. It comes from a Malaysian Company. In a case like 'A', you can use the Mivan Framework. This is a method you can cast one floor at a time as a single unit. Less thickness of Concrete wall made that increases the carpet area. It is made of Aluminum so obviously, it is less weight and easy to handle and in this method, there is no wastage of materials, this formwork made an air-tight casement so no league of concrete is possible.

So at Airavata builders, every problem is a new problem and every solution is a new invention. We envision to lead some of the future advancements in India in the field of Civil Engineering and Real Estate Developments.