Director Charan

Charan Manjula Narayan,

Charan MN is identified as one of the youth representatives in Bengaluru because of his electric persona and diverse experience in the field of entrepreneurship and social work. Charan started his career as an entrepreneur in real estate as a builder and investor. In a short span of time he established himself as one of the choicest options when considering customised architecture and design. As a son of the soil, Charan is also a practising farmer and takes out time to work with the farmers on his fields. As an agricultural enthusiasts Charan has been a part of many research based experiments in agriculture. Charan has also been highly functional as an advisor for real estate investments mingling his on-ground knowledge with technical expertise, predicting and forecasting projections. After an experience of 8 years in the industry and serving more than 50 clients, Charan decided to lay the foundation of Airavata Builders. The diversity of his experience as a builder, a real estate investment consultant and an agricultarist reflect in Airavata: redefining real estate investments and building the homes of dreams.

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Email: charanmn@airavatabuilders.com

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